Jiro and Mayuka from Japan at Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel

At Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel, we love having guests that are interested in discovering Belgrade, its museums, its architecture, its kafanas and its people. We make our mission to promote our beautiful city and to let our guests know as much as possible about the rich history of the Serbian capital. Our reward is when our guests come back to the hostel and say they had a wonderful time thanks to our advice.

Jiro and Mayuka from Japan were such guests and we took a lot of pleasure in giving them guidelines to make their stay in Belgrade as interesting, busy and exciting as possible.

They enjoyed Belgrade until the last minute of their stay and we know they bring back home some nice souvenirs, as they are amateurs of art, antiques and traditional objects.

We hope they found our apartment comfortable and that both Belgrade and our hostel will remain for them a memorable stage during their trip through Europe.

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