After a good cup of espresso with milk, Antonio and Jose left Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel where they spent one night in our twin double room. They planned their trip through Europe on bicycles, and we are glad Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel was one of their destination for rest.

Antonio and Jose from Spain at Authentic Belgrade Centre Host

At Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel, we love having guests that are interested in discovering Belgrade, its museums, its architecture, its kafanas and its people. We make our mission to promote our beautiful city and to let our guests know as much as possible about the rich history of the Serbian […]

Jiro and Mayuka from Japan at Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel

Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel is still in the mood to celebrate. So, for all bookings in October made through our online booking page, we offer free authentic Serbian breakfast during your entire stay at our hostel. And one thing more, we’ll still have special promo rates in October! (Will be display on the […]

Authentic Belgrade Centre Hostel keeps celebrating its opening in October